What is Brand Identity actually by Mohit Aggarwal Aastha Group?

This notion refers to the multi-sensory channels through which the client connects with a company. The brand identity is responsible for the company name, logotype, logo, tagline (which is a short enterprise description or slogan), company colors, and even the decorations and uniforms within the commercial buildings.

Mohit Aggarwal Aastha Group

To respect the rules of brand identity, a professional team of designers should be at hand for the company. For example, the typography of your logo tells a lot more things about the brand identity than the overall logo itself. If the typography is chosen without the consent of a designer that is familiar with the culture of the company, then the logo is not as powerful as the management might think.

So, the golden rule of a quality sustainable brand identity is to create a powerful and original story of your product and make it visible on any visual content that the clients come in contact with. Website design, product packages, the visuals of all marketing campaigns, the social media activity even the customer care interactions should all be happening under the shining star of your brand identity.