Mohit Aggarwal, the Chief Managing Director of Aastha Minmet India Pvt Ltd, believes that technological advancements have had a magnanimous impact on all the spheres of our lives. It has entailed a radical change in the way business run these days. Owing to the advancement, business owners are able to run things in a more efficient and organized way.

Listed below are some of the best ways, you can use technology to run your business.

Electronic Timesheets

Keeping a track record of the timings of employees and their attendance, these electronic timesheets help you in organizing your documents. Aastha Group emphasizes that it is one of the most effective ways to save a great deal of money as it ensures that the employees are paid only on the basis of their working hours and nothing extra.

Fax Online

The online fax service has replaced the traditional system of fax and phone lines. The best part is that it helps in cutting down the cost of buying a fax machine and other expenses related to faxing documents, says Mohit Aggarwal of Aastha Group. Also, this service is effective in saving time as you’re not required to wait for the fax machine to send your file.

Mobile devices

Mobile devices have made every bit of information available on your finger tips. They also bridge the gap between you and your potential clients and business partners. This helps in saving your time, and money spent in travelling.

Online training and conferences

Providing employees with an option of participating via online streaming from a computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile device, technology helps you in saving money and resources significantly. However, it does not make any compromise on the training and professional development for your employees.

E-signing services

The e-signing services made available by technology, are highly preferred in business transactions involving more than one party. Mohit Aggarwal of Aastha Group states that this feature also helps in saving time and keeps everything well-organized. Securing legal e-signatures has entailed a great change in the way business owners respond to their clients.

Certainly, state-of-the-art technologies have led to a transition from conventional to virtual media. These advanced services have proved to be very successful and of great help to customers from across the country.